Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学校理科における「20万分の1日本シームレス地質図」を活用した学習

川村, 寿郎  ,  高橋, 知美

 The Seamless digital geological map of Japan 1: 200,000 (SDGM) is released on the internet as one of national land information by the Geological Survey of Japan, AIST. We utilize SDGM as the teaching material for the science of junior-high school. SDGM is effective for students to know uneven or regular distributions of geological units, relationship between topography and geology in regional and local scale, Quaternary volcanoes related with lithology, geographical lineaments with active faults, and ground characteristics of alluvial coastal plane at the earthquake time. In addition to those basic learnings, SDGM is useful to compare the geology of different area in an extensive learning. Practically, after comparisons and correlations between individual constitution of the local geological units in Sendai and Hirosaki using SDGM, the students can understand the historical formation of each local ground by means of arrangements of geological units along the time scale.

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