Departmental Bulletin Paper Synthesis, Structure, and Clathration Ability of Two-Dimensional Coordination Networks with Inclined Interpenetration

KASAI, Kayoko  ,  NARA, Shizuka  ,  YAMADA, Satoshi

 Two-dimensional (2D) grid coordination networks with inclined interpenetration were prepared by Cd-(NO3)2 with 2,7-bis(4-pyridylmethyl)-1,3,4,5,6,8-hexafluoronaphthalene (2,7-bpfn) or 2,6-bis (4-pyridylmethyl)-1,3,4,5,7,8-hexafluoronaphthalene (2,6-bpfn) in the presence of aromatic compounds. Crystal structures of {[Cd(2,7-bpfn)2(NO3)2]・(methyl benzoate)1.5・(EtOH)0.5}n (1) and {[Cd(2,6-bpfn)2(NO3)2]・(toluene)2.5}n (2) were determined. Methyl benzoate and toluene molecules were clathrated in cyclic cavities of the grid networks through arene-perfluoroarene interactions.

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