Departmental Bulletin Paper 携帯端末用リアルタイム文字認識エンジンの開発 : 次世代の文字認識エンジン
Development of real-time characters recognition engine for mobile devices : The next generation of characters recognition engine

ベロフ, アレクサンドル  ,  立田, ルミ

(5)  , pp.13 - 19 , 2016-02 , 獨協大学情報学研究所
For foreigners who are learning Japanese, real-time character recognition engine is a useful study tool. If the learner does not studied the amount of too many Japanese characters, then it is take a considerable time and effort in order to translate the text, while examining one by one reading of each kanjiin dictionary. It is a major cause for prevent the learner at proceeding to the next learning phase. In this research, by display in real-time examples of applying and reading of Japanese Kanji, we also aim to the development of more comfortable environment for Japanese learning.In addition, Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in 2020. Many foreign tourists will be expected to visit to Japan. But many as menus of restaurants and cafeterias, and, for example, usage rules of hot springs. and other texts display in only the Japanese yet. There is a possibility that various troubles and lack of understanding occurs. In order to prevent such trouble, and in order to support the foreign visitors, our object of this research is a development of real-time character recognition engine for mobile devices with a camera.

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