Departmental Bulletin Paper 暗黙知か一期一会か : 「大衆演劇」はどこからきたのか
Tacit Knowledge or “Ichigo Ichie” : Where has the “Taishu Engeki” come from?

倉田, 量介

17 ( 1 )  , pp.1 - 27 , 2015-11 , 獨協大学国際教養学部言語文化学科
Summary:This paper reconsiders a history of "Taishu Engeki (Japanese vaudeville)" commercialized at the inside of common people's daily life. From the point of view of an acquisition of a skill, I have analyzed a formation mechanism of personal art of the highest rank. The impression for an audience to an excellent performance resembles the moment of “Ichigo Ichie (one time, one meeting).“ But, the skill of a body technique which brings an agreeable impression to people is included in a range of the "tacit knowledge,” and therefore it matures during an extended period while piling up learning and sudden comprehension through a large number of successive rehearsals. It is proved that there is no contradiction in such a process. In a rehearsal of each troupe of “Taishu Engeki,” the learning method of a personal performance called “kuchidate iteaching by talking),” a kind of "wazagengo (craft language),” has been traditionally adopted. Free acting mprovisation becomes possible by mastering details of a skill useful for a body control immediately according to any circumstances. There we can see a possibility of the popular folk culture contrasting with the mass culture.

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