Departmental Bulletin Paper Well-Being of Children and Staff in the Children’s Nursing Home - Analysis through "Violence between Children" and " Violence from a Child to Staff"-

Fujioka, Takashi

20pp.23 - 35 , 2016-03 , Japan college of Social Work
In child welfare institutions (especially children’s nursing homes), how staff members maintain happiness of children is a big concern. The purpose of this study is to examine the possibility of constructing and maintaining happiness in children’s welfare institutions or facilities.First of all, the author suggests that we have to construct an adequate environment and empower individuals in institutions in order to maintain persistence of happiness. The author discusses that the concept “Well-Being” becomes the key to sustain happiness of children. In other words, Well-Being of staff members and children is very important for the sake of children.In this study, the author added consideration about the concept “Well-Being” of children and staff members in children’s nursing home from the task and problem of "violence between children" and “ violence from a child to a staff or staff members" which wear out most staff members.The author discusses that if a staff would not understand real reasons for the aggressive actions from a child to a staff or staff members, the staff have to react to a child or children through misunderstanding, and, as a result, the relation between the child and the staff worsens. This could cause the staff to drive away or frighten the child with FR behavior (threatened behavior or threatening behavior), and in the worst case scenario, the situation may cause the violent action to the child from a staff.Based on these considerations, the author considers the possibility and necessity of constructing Well-Being in child welfare institutions.

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