Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域を基盤としたソーシャルワークにおける予防活動枠組みの構築―対人支援理論の活用を含めて―
Construction of the Preventive Practice Framework in the Community Based Social Work ―Including the Applicability of the Personal Support Approaches―

木戸, 宜子

Based on the preventive concept of the public health, I examined a theoretical framework of preventive practice in the community based social work and investigated issues on the implementation in this study. The theoretical framework assumes “purpose and result” and “method” as axis and takes the interaction of those factors. And then, considered positioning of the social work theory approaches in the framework and examined the applicability to preventive practices. As a result, the necessity of the comprehensive framework for evaluation was provided as the issues on the implementation of preventive practices in the community based social work. In addition, the assessment of the social work theory approaches are applicable to the tertiary, the primary prevention. Education to apply approaches to grasp and predict for the state of clients changing, study to clarify target incipient group and indicators are necessary.

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