Departmental Bulletin Paper 国外での作業的公正における作業療法士の介入と規範に関する文献レビュー
Literature Review about the Occupational Therapy Interventions and Norms in Occupational Justice in the Foreign Countries

岩田, 祐美  ,  田島, 明子

 背景:1993 年より促進された社会的公正の理論の作業療法への適応と,その後概念化された作業的公正について,どちらも日本で広まりつつあるが,文献は少なく,日本での作業的公正に関する概念は議論途上である. 目的:国外の作業療法士が作業的公正という概念のもと行なっている調査研究を経年的に調べ介入と規範の具体例と傾向を明らかにすること. 方法:PubMed にてOccupational Justice で検索した.検索された論文のうち調査研究を分析対象とし,作業的公正,不公正の実例を抜き出した.さらに調査研究の目的・方法・OT の介入や規範についてレビューマトリックスを用いてまとめた. 結果と考察:作業的公正,作業的不公正の実例は日本の作業療法で対象とならない事例が多かった.作業的公正についての調査研究で述べられた作業療法士の規範をまとめると,対象者個人の作業を通した社会参加の支援に加え,作業療法士の社会への関わりの必要性が示された.国外文献の調査と,それらを障害の社会モデルの視点を取り入れて慎重かつ丁寧に分析すること,そして国内での発展が望まれる.
 Background:Adaptation to occupational therapy of social justicewas promoted in 1993, and the occupational justice that was conceptualized afterward is spreading out in Japan. However, there are only a few documents that have discussed the concept of occupational justice in Japan. Object:The aim of this study is to clarify the intervention by citing specific examples and the tendency of the model by checking overseas occupational therapists’ research on the occupational justice concept with age. Methods:The PubMed database was used to search articles on the keyword “Occupational Justice.” The search was targeted on scientific research works that have analyzed occupational justice and occupational injustice. In addition, we have divided it into purposes, methods, interventions, and norms. Results and Implications:With respect to the examples for occupational justice, most of the research studies did not seem to be applicable for Japanese occupational therapy. The written norms supported the social participation through the occupation. In addition, it was said that occupational therapists should associate with society. Future studies should investigate overseas documents and adopt the viewpoint of the social model of the obstacles carefully.

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