Departmental Bulletin Paper 聖隷クリストファー大学リハビリテーション学部における2016 年度ピアレビュー実施状況とアンケート調査結果報告
The Status of Faculty Peer Review Implementation and Survey Results of 2016 in the School of Rehabilitation Sciences at Seirei Christopher University

田島, 明子  ,  矢倉, 千昭  ,  佐藤, 順子  ,  田中, 真希

 本報告では,聖隷クリストファー大学リハビリテーション学部において2016 年度春セメスターに実施したピアレビューの実施方法と実施状況,アンケート調査結果について報告し,ピアレビュー実施の意義と今後の課題について整理をした.アンケート調査の結果から,ピアレビューについて自分では気づけない授業改善に役立つ指摘がもらえたことを「よかった」と感じている教員がほとんどであり,ピアレビューがFD 活動を行っていくうえで有意義な機会となることが確認された.しかし,評価項目の項目内容や項目数,記述方法の工夫,レビュアーの選出やピアレビューの実施にあたりレビュイー,レビュアー双方が負担を生じないために必要な配慮について学部FD 委員会から促す等の改善を要する点も明らかとなった.
 The current study describes the method of faculty peer reviews and the status of faculty peer reviews implemented in the spring semester of 2016, and reported the results of a questionnaire survey about the peer reviews, in order to gain insight about the significance of the peer reviews and future issues. The results of the survey showed that most of the faculty members felt that it was good to be able to receive feedback that they would not otherwise have received, as the feedback would be useful in improving the quality of their teaching. The results suggested that the peer reviews would provide a meaningful opportunity in conducting faculty development (FD) activities. However, the results also revealed that improvements were needed about the content and the number of items, rating methods by reviewers, and selection of reviewers. In addition, it would be helpful for the FD committee to encourage peer review to be performed with consideration on reviewer-reviewee relationships so that the peer review process would not become a burden on both the reviewee and the reviewer.

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