Departmental Bulletin Paper 重度失語症者にとっての旅行の意味付けと旅行後の生活への影響 : 作業療法における旅行の活用方法についての一考察
The Meaning of Traveling and how Traveling Impacted the Subsequent Lives of Patients with Severe Aphasia : Utilization of Traveling in Occupational Therapy

田島, 明子  ,  山本, 弘子  ,  長谷川, 幹

 目的:海外旅行に参加した夫婦にインタビュー調査を行い,重度失語症者にとっての本旅行の意味付けと旅行後の生活への影響を考察することで,作業療法における旅行の活用方法について示唆を得ることである.対象と方法:失語症のある人の中から,配偶者が調査時に同席可能であり,旅行後の生活において事故などの旅行とは無関係なイベントのない4 名を対象とし,「発障前の生活」「発症後の生活」「旅行後の生活」「本旅行への関心」「本旅行に対する満足・不満足」「また旅行に行きたいか」について聴取した。結果・考察:本旅行への意味付けと,参加態度,満足度,旅行前後の生活変容の状況を事例毎に整理した.結果より,主体的な旅行参加はその後の生活にも肯定的影響を与える可能性がある,旅行への参加態度は本人の抱く旅行への意味付けの能動性が影響する,旅行に対する満足度の高低と旅行後の生活活性化の有無は関係しない傾向がある,の3 点が考察された.
 Objectives: The purpose of the current study was to investigate the meaning of traveling and how traveling affected the subsequent lives of patients with severe aphasia, by conducting interviews with couples that participated in international traveling. We hoped to gain insights about how traveling can be utilized in occupational therapy. Participants and Method: We enrolled 4 individuals with aphasia who had not had any events unrelated to traveling (e.g., accidents) in their post-travel lives, whose spouses were also available to attend the interviews. We gathered information about “life before aphasia,” “life after the onset of aphasia,” “life after the travel,” “interest in the travel,” “satisfaction/dissatisfaction of the travel,” and whether the patient would like to go to travel again. Results and Discussion: We organized the patients’ report on the meaning of the travel, their attitude about participating, degrees of satisfaction, and changes in their life pre- to post-traveling. The results suggested the possibility that the patients’ voluntary participation in the travel had positive effects on their lives after traveling. The patient’s attitude about participation in the travel was impacted by how actively the patient put a meaning to this travel. Lastly, the degrees of satisfaction of the travel were not associated with revitalization of life after the travel.

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