Departmental Bulletin Paper Flipped Classroom for English Conversation : a Case Study
Flipped Classroom for English Conversation : a Case Study


At first glance, language learning does not appear to be ideally suited to the sort of self-paced, and ultimately unaided, learning environment that online programmes offer. After all, language is a uniquely social activity, making human interaction not only desirable but indispensable. However, researchers point to the fact that, if a decent level of proficiency in a foreign language is to be achieved, a solid grounding of both vocabulary and grammar is needed as a pre-condition. A tall order, particularly in the early stages of acquisition, involving long hours of repetitive and often boring practice. But imagine – say eLearning enthusiasts – a handy multi-media device such as tablet or smart phone, equipped with infinitely patient and compelling software, and your problem is solved!

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