Departmental Bulletin Paper 「きこえとことばの相談室」報告
A counseling room for hearing and language in the Division of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy

足立, さつき  ,  池田, 泰子  ,  小島, 千枝子  ,  藤原, 百合  ,  原田, 浩美  ,  石津, 希代子  ,  中村, 哲也  ,  長谷川, 賢一

 言語聴覚学科は,学生に対する臨床教育を目的に,2009 年3 月に「きこえとことばの相談室」(以下:相談室)を開設した.2009 年3 月の開設から2014 年10 月末までの相談室の活動実績は,新規数:63名,継続数:53 名.総臨床件数612 件.臨床実数は,100 ~ 120 件で定着していた.開設当初の目的であった演習協力には至っていないが,教育活動,研究活動,臨床指導等に貢献している.今後は,言語聴覚療法の対象障害の拡大(失語症等),教育及び地域貢献の一環としての発展が望まれる.
 In the Division of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy, we established an outpatient counselingroom for hearing and language therapy in March of 2009 with the aim of providing clinical education for the students. From March 2009 to end of October 2014, the total numbers of counselings amounted 612 cases (63 new cases, 53 follow-up cases). The number of clinical cases was stable, between 100 and 120. Although it had little therapeutic impact, which was its original purpose, it has been contributing to education and research work. We expect it to expand to include disorders of speech-language-hearing therapy such as aphasia, etc., and as a part of the educational and regional contribution.

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