Departmental Bulletin Paper 筋発揮張力維持法実施における筋への触圧覚刺激の変化が血中乳酸値に与える影響
Low-intensity resistance exercise, with slow movement and tonic force generation enhances muscle coordination during tactile pressure stimulation

堀内, 俊樹  ,  西田, 裕介

 目的;理学療法において,筋力増強を目的とするプログラムは頻繁に処方されている.しかし,筋力増強運動は強度の違いなど効果は様々な報告が発表されている.本研究の目的は,効率よく筋収縮を促すための手段(運動条件の設定)を明らかにすることである.筋発揮張力維持法は,比較的低強度運動と言われていることから触圧覚刺激と融合し,血中乳酸値を測定することで生体反応から筋機能へ影響を及ぼす要因を検討した.方法;対象は整形外科的疾患の既往がない健常成人男性15 名とした.筋発揮張力維持法は推奨されている運動方法で施行した.圧刺激(0, 30, 40, 50, 60mmHg)には水銀血圧計を用い,下腿最大膨隆部にカフを巻いた.安静5 分終了後と各条件間の運動直後に血中乳酸値を測定した.結果;血中乳酸値は圧迫の上昇に伴い変化量も増加がみられた.0mmHg と60mmHg の間では有意差が認められた(p<0.05).考察;乳酸は筋肉に対してエネルギー源の元と言われている.本研究の結果からも,代謝産物である乳酸の蓄積は筋力増強には欠かせないことが推測された.
 Purpose: In physiotherapy, muscle-strengthening is frequently prescribed. However, to carry it out efficiently understanding how to achieve an adequate vital response is required. Therefore we combined high intensity training, low-intensity resistance exercise with slow movement andtonic force generation, and tactile pressure stimulation, to study the effects on muscle functionand strength by measuring blood lactate levels. Method: Fifteen healthy adult men, without a history of orthopedic disease, were studied. A low-intensity resistance exercise with slow movement and tonic force generation was performed, and the average value was compared to a representative one. A cuff around the most bulbous part of the lower thigh was used for pressure stimulation at 0, 30, 40, 50, and 60 mmHg, using a mercury sphygmomanometer. Theblood lactate levels were measured immediately after training, at the end of five minutes’ rest,and during each stimulation condition. Results: Blood lactate levels increased with an increasein pressure, with a significant difference between 0 mmHg and 60 mmHg (p < 0.05). Discussion:Lactic acid is the energy source in muscles. Our results suggest that the accumulation of lacticacid, which is a metabolic product, is indispensable to muscle-strength.

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