Departmental Bulletin Paper 英語教育改革と展望 : CALLシステムの可能性

加藤, 直良

The environment of English Education in Japan has been continuously changing day by day. Everyone has a mobile phone, tablet, or a kind of touch panel that can be connected to the Net anywhere and anytime. In this article, ICT Education has been recommended, and many attractive equipment were introduced to focus on better English education. The CALL system plays a big role in learning English, however, there are many difficult problems we Japanese teachers face besides being of it a splendid system. One is that a learner is a human being not a machine. As for the second one, it is necessary for an analog man (an old-fashioned man) to confront with digital equipment. The purpose of this article is to examine the possibilities of using the CALL System and improve students’ English proficiency.

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