Departmental Bulletin Paper 「認識─論の意義と課題」とは何だったのか : エドゥアルト・ツェラーの場合
What was the 'meaning and task of Erkenntniss-Theorie'? : In case of Eduard Zeller

渡邉, 浩一  ,  WATANABE, Kouichi

018pp.23 - 37 , 2015-11-30 , 京都女子大学現代社会学部
It had been often referred that Eduard Zeller's lecture 'On meaning and task of epistemology'(1862) contributed to the spread and fixing of the new philosophical discipline, i. e. epistemology (Erkenntnistheorie). As it is known, the word 'Erkenntnistheorie' could be coined by Tennemann in his History of Philosophy (1819), and its distinction between metaphysics and logic has been made clear as early as in 1827 by Ernst Reinhold. On the other hand, Zeller put the discipline at the center of philosophical problems in modern times, and indicated its issues to be explored future, on the basis of his historical perspective which has been acquired in his previous work, Philosophy of Greeks. For considering the present and future of the epistemology, it would not be meaningless to know the history.

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