Departmental Bulletin Paper 北大路魯山人の卵かけご飯 : おいしさの客観的評価
Sensory evaluation of rice with raw egg prepared by Rosanjin's recipe

河江, 美保  ,  Kawae, Miho  ,  山下, 真由子  ,  Yamashita, Mayuko  ,  八田, 一  ,  Hatta, Hajime

070pp.15 - 21 , 2015-12-21 , 京都女子大学食物学会
Mr. Rosanjin Kitaouji, who was known as a famous Japanese gourmet, culinarian as well as potter, recommended his special recipe for the typical Japanese egg dish, rice with raw egg. He stated that egg dish is made more delectable using shell egg warmed by holding in palms for 30 minutes before mixing with rice. The purpose of this research was to determine by sensory evaluation if his recipe increases taste favorably. Egg samples were prepared with three different temperatures (8℃, 35℃, and 55℃) in order to evaluate how temperature of shell egg influences the taste of the dish. The egg (8℃) sample was kept in the refrigerator. The egg (35℃ & 55℃) was prepared by incubating the refrigerated egg at 35℃ or 55℃ in a water bath for 30 minutes, respectively. The egg (35℃) sample is considered to be equivalent to Rosanjin' s recipe.Sixty volunteers ranked three dishes prepared with medium size eggs of temperatures of 8℃ , 35℃ , and 55℃ without being informed of the different temperatures. Each shell egg sample was cracked and mixed with 150g of steamed rice at 86℃ in a bowl when serving. Dishes prepared with 35℃ and 55℃ eggs were evaluated as tastier than with 8℃ egg (p < 0.05) by the multiple means comparison procedure for the ranked data. However, no difference was found between dishes prepared with 35℃ and 55℃ eggs. Most volunteers sensed more umami and sweetness in dishes prepared with warmed eggs than with refrigerated eggs, although they were not informed of temperature differences. Recent research has shown that signals of sweet taste receptor increase with increasing temperature. Since umami taste receptor is quite similar to the sweet taste receptor, its susceptibility increases with increasing temperature. Mr. Rosanjin Kitaouji, with his sensitive gustation, found the taste of the egg dish preferable when prepared with warmed eggs. This research has proven with sensory evaluation for the first time that rice with raw eggs prepared by Rosanjin' s recipe is tastier than when prepared by the general recipe.

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