Departmental Bulletin Paper Comparative Study of the Bread and Bakery business in Japan and Thailand: A Guideline in Flour and Controlled Temperature for Thai Bakeries

Thanpitcha,Trakolsap  ,  Takagi,Yoshikazu

2pp.80 - 89 , 2016-04-01 , 新潟国際情報大学情報文化学部
This research shows that Thai bakeries seem to have lesser product quality than Japanese bakeries and that Flour and Controlled Temperature might be critical factors influencing the quality difference between the two countries. Our objective was to identify the critical elements that make Japanese bakeries more successful, considering that Flour and Controlled Temperature are the “Basic Kitchen Principles” used by professional bakers. We conducted a questionnaire and interviewed 20 Japanese bakeries in Niigata city. We recorded the type of flour and monitored the temperatures (i.e.: temperature loggers in 5 professional premises) that are used by professional bakers, and identified significant positive correlations between flour and techniques. Consequently, the results validated that the influence of temperature in the premises and in particular the choice of a quality flour can significantly affect the quality of bakery products. As an outcome of this research, we have provided a flour and temperature guideline that can be used as inspiration for producing quality bakeries.

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