Departmental Bulletin Paper An Analysis of Spoken Discourse of a Movie: Bend It Like Beckham


0 ( 創刊準備号 )  , pp.115 - 126 , 2015-07-01 , 新潟国際情報大学国際学部
This paper was written for the fourth year students at Niigata University of International and Information Studies who take the author’s seminar about sociolinguistics to show a model for a B.A. dissertation. This study has analyzed spoken discourse of a movie, Bend It Like Beckham. Two types of conversation were selected in the movie conducted among an Indian family. The talk has been investigated from the different cultural viewpoints suggested by Holliday (1994) and Hall (1977). The conversation has been analyzed with the use of the SPEAKING Model (Hymes, 1974) and two coding systems: IRF (Sinclair & Coulthard, 1975) and Speech Acts (Halliday, 1961). The findings demonstrate that one conversation shows communicative breakdown does not allow IRF to flow smoothly and speakers frequently use Expressive speech acts which can be emotional talk. In contrast, the other conversation shows smooth communication has clear patterns of IRF interaction. Additionally, speakers are aware of social norms in the context and use diplomatic communication skills. This shows they employ a mixture of speech acts which gives impression of logical and objective talk. Finally, it concludes that in order to achieve the purpose of conversation, a high level of communicative competence plays an important role.

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