Departmental Bulletin Paper Addressing Australia’s Stolen Generations: An Analysis of Two Prime Ministerial Speeches


0 ( 創刊準備号 )  , pp.97 - 114 , 2015-07-01 , 新潟国際情報大学国際学部
In this paper two landmark speeches by former Australian Prime Ministers Paul Keating and Kevin Rudd addressing the history of relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians are analysed. A systemic functional linguistic (SFL) framework incorporating contextual and linguistic analyses is used to reveal how similarities and differences in the style and communicative functionality of the two speeches results from the dynamic relation between text and context. The similarities in the two texts emerged from their sharing similar situational contexts. Differences in the general style and communicative function of the two texts were shown to have emerged from differences in other contextual factors such as purpose, setting and sociocultural context. It is demonstrated how the relationship between text and context is systematic and two-way and that exploring these dynamic relations in a systemic functional framework can lead to a better understanding of texts and their purposes. Keywords: systemic functional linguistics (SFL), political rhetoric, stolen generations, discourse analysis

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