Departmental Bulletin Paper 炊飯器調理における環境評価と食嗜好への影響
Effects of Cooking With Rice Cookers on The Environment and Flavors of Dishes

小池, 恵  ,  鈴木, 彩葉  ,  Megumi, Koike  ,  Sayaha, Suzuki

The present study aimed to examine the characteristics of cooking using a rice cooker, one of the most common household appliances in Japan. In recent years, home appliance manufacturers have also suggested its use to prepare dishes other than cooking rice. To analyze the merits of using rice cookers to cook a variety of dishes, the study compared the amounts of CO₂ emitted during cooking with gas and a rice cooker. In addition, the flavors of the developed dishes were assessed, and the characteristics of cooking with rice cookers were examined. Main and side dishes as well as desserts were cooked by boiling, simmering, baking, and steaming. After cooking under various conditions, we suggested dishes that could be cooked using a rice cooker, while taking into consideration the easiness to cook them as well as the results of the assessments of environmental damage and the flavors of the dishes.

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