Departmental Bulletin Paper 電話フォーカシングによる社交不安症の大学生との面接過程
Using the telephone focusing therapy to treat a client with social anxiety disorder

上淵, 真理江  ,  Marie, Uebuchi

"This article describes the treatment of a second-year female university student with social anxiety disorder, who had suffered negative human relationships such as bullying.The author first tried social-skills training and cognitive therapy, but the client could not adjust herself to these treatments. The author then tried ""telephone focusing,"" which is psychotherapy over the telephone. Subsequently, the client developed better relationships with other people. Further, after using self-focusing, the client's fear of contact with others lessened. and her self-receptivity and confidence increased. On the basis of this case. the paper describes the merits and demerits of telephone focusing. As merits, it is notintrusive, and has utility. As a demerit, the therapist cannot see the client's facial expressions. The paper finally describes some of the skills needed for successful telephone focusing.Key words: telephone focusing, telephone therapy, social anxiety disorder"

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