Departmental Bulletin Paper 国語科教育における言語教育の見直し : 英語教育へ応用可能な言語教育の導入をめぐって
Reform of Japanese Language Education : Relevance to English Education

加藤, 美紀  ,  Miki, Kato

The purpose of this paper is to propose a new approach to Japanese language education, and show how to introduce it into the language education program.The present style of education relates to traditional Japanese language studies, called Kokugaku, which have a big influence over Japanese language education. The new approach is based on Western linguistic theory and is applied to Japanese as a second language. There are many differences between them. Nowadays English education is regarded as important, and the question of how to teach English in the course of compulsory education is discussed. The heated discussion about English education provides a good opportunity to reform Japanese language education. The new approach contributes not only to the improvement of native language ability, but also of English comprehension.

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