Departmental Bulletin Paper スピリチュエルなアンガージュマン : フランス・リール市ワゼム地区における社会的アソシエーションの聞き取り調査の記録から
"Spiritual Engagement" : Social Commitment Expressed through Individual Social Activism and the Activities of an Association for Asylum Seekers in Wazemmes in Lille

辻山, ゆき子  ,  Yukiko, Tsujiyama

In this essay, the life history of the leader, Ebru BUE ERKMEN, of AIDA (Aide et Insertion des Demandeurs d'Asile) is analyzed. AIDA is an association that works to provide support for asylum seekers in Lille, France. Lille is on the frontier of France and Belgium and it is also at the center of Europe. By considering the life history of the leader of this group as divulged in a personal interview, we can see many ways that active support for refugees has been provided in Lille. It is also possible to understand the group leader's focus in life and her commitment to a form of solidarity that resists the institutional and which encapsulates the "Spiritual Engagement," the personal social commitment, that she espouses herself.

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