Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本における少子化問題の特殊事情 : 晩婚・晩産化とリプロダクティブ・ヘルス/ライツ (1)
Special Circumstances of the Declining Birthrate Issue in Japan : Delaying Marriage and Late Childbearing, and Reproductive Health and Rights

河内, 優子  ,  Yuko, Kawauchi

Delaying marriage and the subsequent declining birthrate are serious issues facing all developed countries. However, recently, a special situation is developing in Japan.That is Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) expanding to the full extent. This makes room for new studies on why we've reached this point in human reproduction, considering this special context in Japan. This paper begins by examining the declining birthrate and annual trend of late childbearing in Japan, then identifies various problems concerning pregnancy and birth due to late childbearing, and finally provides an overview of the situation of ART in recent years.

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