Departmental Bulletin Paper 常州観荘趙氏の歴史にみる清代社会の一断面(5)
The History of the Zhao Family of Guanzhuang Village in Changzhou Prefecture (5)

浅沼, かおり  ,  Kaori, Asanuma

5. Three cases of uxorilocal marriageIn this essay, three cases of uxorilocal marriage in the Zhao family will be analyzed.What reasons lay behind these marriages?The first case is the marriage of the daughter of Zhao Ji-ding and the son of Mao Xie-gong. The marriage was converted from a virilocal marriage to an uxorilocal one as a result of the violent death of Mao Xie-gong at the time of a change of dynasty.The second case is the marriage of the daughter of Zhao Xiong-zhao and the son of Hong Jing, which occurred because Hong Jing had too many( eleven) sons. The financial situations of Hong Jing and of his son, Hong Gong-cai, were very bad as a result of two scandals. One resulted from the alleged embezzlement of public funds by Hong Jing, which resulted in enforced compensation. The other was the prosecution of Zhao Feng-zhao, a younger brother of Zhao Xiong-zhao, for taking bribes.The third case is a marriage arranged between the Zhao family and the Miao family. Zhao Jin-nan was adopted into the Miao family as a result of the marriage. It was a remarriage for Zhao Jin-nan, and was entered into as a result of the bad economic situation of the Zhao family, caused by the above-mentioned Zhao Feng-zhao scandal.These three cases show that uxorilocal marriages were rather desperate measures, which were typically entered into as a result of economic plight rather than "a common strategy of (male) social mobility among the higher elites," as James L. Watson claims.

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