Departmental Bulletin Paper 新設A看護系大学生の領域別実習前における心理社会的状況の検討
Investigation of psychosocial status of university students at a newly established Nursing University “A” prior to their beginning clinical practice

櫻井, 美奈  ,  中原, るり子  ,  岸田, 泰子  ,  佐藤, 京子  ,  Mina, Sakurai  ,  Ruriko, Nakahara  ,  Yasuko, Kishida  ,  Kyoko, Sato

The aim of this study was to investigate the psychosocial status of nursing college students regarding their anxiety, training motivation, training expectations, communication skills, and social support, prior to the start of their clinical practical training, and the relationships between these variables, in order to provide useful guidance information for instructors. To achieve this, we had 85 nursing students complete a paper questionnaire at the newly established University A, and uncovered the following findings;(1)Students' state and trait anxiety were both high before training commencement. (2)Training motivation was moderate, whereas training expectations were high. (3)In terms of the students' communication skills, their “acceptance of others” and “decoding ability” were noticeably high, while “expressive ability” and “assertiveness” were low. (4)Students perceived themselves to be receiving social support. (5) Psychosocial variables were observed to be mutually related. In particular, trait anxiety, which itself was found to be related to state anxiety, exhibited negative correlations with the communication skills of “self-control” and “relational maintenance”. This implied that high-anxiety individuals may have weak emotional control and struggle to convey their feelings to others.The above findings suggested the necessity for instructors to connect particularly with high-anxiety students, and provide assistance to these students in improving their communication skills so that they are able to be more assertive.

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