Departmental Bulletin Paper 外来化学療法を受けるがん患者のセルフケア能力に関連する要因の検討
Factors related to self-care agency in outpatients receiving cancer chemotherapy

藤塚, 未奈子  ,  伊藤, まゆみ  ,  粟津, 朱美  ,  阿保, 恵美子  ,  野戸, 結花  ,  Minako, Fujizuka  ,  Mayumi, Ito  ,  Akemi, Awatsu  ,  Emiko, Abo  ,  Yuka, Noto

Recently, in order to reduce medical expenses and improve patients' QOL, cancer treatment has shifted from the hospital to outpatient care. Adverse events often develop during chemotherapy. Therefore, self-care is required of outpatients receiving chemotherapy, and medical staff has to improve self-care agency of outpatients receiving cancer chemotherapy. This study investigated factors related to self-care agency of outpatients receiving cancer chemotherapy. A questionnaire survey was conducted with outpatients (N=103) receiving cancer chemotherapy. The questionnaire inquired about self-care agency, attributes of patients, and health locus of control, defined as the belief system about the cause of health and disease (HLC). Previous studies have indicated that attributes of patients' and HLC are related to self-care. In this study, we analyzed the 93 people. Results indicated that self-care agency was higher in patients aged 65 and older, patients with a spouse, those having other patients as friends, and patients that tended to attribute the causes of the disease, or health to themselves, or to their families. In supporting self-care, the importance of facilitating patients' awareness that health management should be conducted independently by the patients themselves is suggested.

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