Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護学生のコミュニケーション演習において認知症高齢者を演じた模擬患者の経験
Role play experience in communication training for nursing students by, simulating demented elderly patients

佐野, 望  ,  北川, 公子  ,  田中, 敦子  ,  野田, 陽子  ,  Nozomi, Sano  ,  Kimiko, Kitagawa  ,  Atsuko, Tanaka  ,  Yoko, Noda

Patients' experiences were simulated and investigated from preparation to execution during a practical on “communication with elderly people with dementia.” Interviews were conducted with simulated patients (N=8) that were role played by participants in communication training. Interviews were conducted on simulated feelings of patients and thoughts about role playing with nursing students, as well as on providing feedback. The data were analyzed qualitatively. Results indicated the following categories: (1) overcoming anxiety about playing the role of elderly people with dementia and performing based on experience and learning, (2) imagining the future of oneself, (3) differences in thinking between nursing students and simulated patients, (4) accepting nursing students' anxieties, impatience, and failures, and (5) helping nursing students expand their awareness. It was suggested that the experience of being simulated patients' provided the students with opportunities to develop themselves and helped them face the process of their own aging. Furthermore, this experience was educational because it contributed to the development of the students.

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