Departmental Bulletin Paper 達成感を考慮した基礎看護技術「胸骨圧迫法」の授業方法 : コーチング・フロー下野流学習サイクルの効果
A Teaching Method for Chest Compression, a Fundamental Nursing Skill, Incorporating Sense of Accomplishment: Effectiveness of the Shimono Learning Cycle, a Coaching Flow

中村, 昌子  ,  Masako, Nakamura

The educational effects of coaching have recently received much attention. The Shimono Learning Cycle is a type of coaching flow developed to provide trainees with a sense of accomplishment through skill acquisition. The purpose of this study was to examine how effective it would be to implement it in chest compression training of a fundamental nursing skill class on first aid. Skill acquisition was verified by conducting a comparative analysis of movement based on pre and post videos of chest compression training, which were implemented using the Shimono Learning Cycle, in 93 first-year nursing college students. The relationship between skill acquisition and sense of accomplishment was examined via semi-structured questionnaires, which were analyzed for keywords and semantic content. The number of participants correctly executing the compression of sternum targets in pre and post training increased from 39 (41.9%) to 90 (96.8%) people, respectively. Regarding the questionnaire-based descriptors for sense of accomplishment, out of 856 total words used, 372 (43.5%) pertained to skill acquisition and 422 (49.3%) pertained to a sense of accomplishment. These results suggest that the teaching method used in this study affects the acquisition of chest compression technique.

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