Departmental Bulletin Paper 終末期ケアに携わる看護師のストレスに起因したポジティブな変化がバーンアウトに及ぼす影響
Effects of stress related positive change on burnout among nurses in end-of-life care

伊藤, まゆみ  ,  金子, 多喜子  ,  大場, 良子  ,  藤塚, 未奈子  ,  Mayumi, Ito  ,  Takiko, Kaneko  ,  Ryoko, Ohba  ,  Minako, Fujizuka

It has been recently suggested that positive changes can result from stressful experiences. Such changes are considered as contributing to the prevention of burnout among nurses involved in stressful, end of life care. However, this phenomenon has not been sufficiently investigated to date. Effects of positive changes resulting through stress experienced by nurses involved in end of life care, and the effects of these changes on burnout were investigated. A questionnaire survey was conducted with ward nurses (N=207) that had stressful experiences related to end of life care. The questionnaire included items on burnout, meaning making, and posttraumatic growth. Multiple regression analysis was conducted for burnout, assessed by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment subscales as an objective variable and other measures as explanatory variables. The results indicated that personal accomplishment was affected by meaning making and posttraumatic growth. It is suggested that low personal accomplishment among nurses can be improved through positive changes resulting from stressful experiences.

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