Departmental Bulletin Paper 男性スポーツファッションにおける変動について : 2012年~2015年の男性ストリートファッションに着目して
The Analysis of Transition in Men's Sport Style Focusing on Men's Street Fashion in 2012 to 2015

八幡, 茉莉子  ,  渡辺, 明日香  ,  Mariko, Yahata  ,  Asuka, Watanabe

In Harajuku, Tokyo's leading fashion district, we took a series of photographs, using as subjects young men ranging in age from their teens to their twenties. On the basis of the data collected, we selected 829 subjects adopting sporty fashions in an effort to develop a quantitative understanding of items such as shirts and pants and their fits, bags and shoes, and other clothing and miscellaneous goods including hats. The period of study was about four years, from January 2012 to October 2015.We have just carried out a study of the results from two points of view : changes caused by the season, and those caused by trends. Tops and bottoms were clearly influenced by changes in season, with changes in item type, materials, and length observed. Among accessories and miscellaneous goods, there was no obvious seasonal variation. From the point of view of trendinfluenced changes, within the aforementioned period of study, it became evident that there was a growth in fairly wide, natural fits, representing a move away from skinny jeans and other slim fits. Also, colored patterns were appearing with decreasing frequency, and there was a distinct increase in plain, monochromatic items. Overall, there is an increasing tendency to prefer simple styles. We were able to gain a qualitative understanding of one aspect of the fashion sense of present-day young men, who seek to incorporate just enough of the latest fad into their style.

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