Departmental Bulletin Paper 鎌倉市における住民主体のまちづくりについて : 自主まちづくり計画を中心に
Inhabitants-based Town Planning in Kamakura

岡田, 悟  ,  岡田, 清治  ,  高木, 治恵  ,  竹本, 宦  ,  渡邉, 邦昌  ,  Satoru, Okada  ,  Kiyoharu, Okada  ,  Harue, Takagi  ,  Manabu, Takemoto  ,  Kunimasa, Watanabe

In our previous report of this bulletin No.55 (2012) we consider the effort on the landscape of Kamakura, which is famous for historical and natural landscape. From previous report we can point out that town planning involves landscape design. And from the trend of government in Japan, decentralization have been obvious. So it is important to consider the town planning of Kamakura from the view point of inhabitants-based town planning. This report is composed of following contents;1) Commencement and development of inhabitants-based town planning2) Characteristics and existing stage of inhabitants-based town planning in Kamakura3) Estimate and suggestion of the effort of inhabitants-based town planning in Kamakura

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