Departmental Bulletin Paper 明治18年大坂水害のかわら版について : 1885(明治18)年淀川大水害の研究 その3 (史学科創立50周年記念号)
On the Tile Block Prints of 1885 Osaka Flood Disaster: Studies on 1885 River Yodo Big Flooding (Part3)

植村, 善博

7pp.1 - 18 , 2017-03-01 , 佛教大学歴史学部
1885 Osaka flood disaster is one of the biggest natural disaster attacked Osaka. 81 persons died, 1,749 houses destroyed and 72,509 houses inundated were resulted from 1885 flooding. Many tile block prints of this flood disaster were published,but there is not comprehensive research on this flood yet. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the character of tile block prints just after 1885 flood disaster. The following results were obtained: 1) This flood is devided the first in the latter of June from the second in the early July. Seventeen tile block prints were published,and three of them were of the first flood, and fourteen were of the second flood. Fifteen tile block prints described maps of many kinds.And twelves were showing extent of inundated area. 2) Information on traffic interruption by broken bridges was the most important and informed very quickly.Number of broken bridges were twenty in 2th~3th July, thirty in 6th and forty in 12th. Number was increased day by day and it is quite likely that about fourty bridges in Osaka and its surroundings were broken. 3) Tile block prints were most valuable because of its lower cost and easy availability for common people.But after this flood,tile block print was quickly replaced by newspaper that is superior in volume and quality of information to that.
1885 Osaka flood disaster
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