Departmental Bulletin Paper An Exploratory Study Association between the International Release of Blockbuster Films and Product Placement in the Films

大場, 吾郎

62pp.1 - 22 , 2016-03-01 , 佛教大学社会学部
Many U.S. films insert existing branded products into a scene or storyline with a method generally called “product placement.” As these films are commonly released and dominate local box offices in many countries, the following question arises: Do U.S. blockbusters function as attractive platforms for brand marketers to reach a large number of international consumers? This study provides an analysis of brand exposure in 491 number-one U.S. box-office films from 2001 to 2013, along with interviews with product placement practitioners, in an attempt to examine the association between the international release of blockbuster films and product placement and the feasibility of product placement as an international brand promotion tool. The results show that certain types of film not only have a high possibility of success in the international market but also provide an opportunity for strategic placement to enhance the appeal of brands.
Product Placement

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