Departmental Bulletin Paper 明治18年大阪水害の被害と記録写真 : 1885(明治18)年淀川大洪水の研究 その1
Damege and photofraph of 1885 Osaka flood disaster : Study on 1885 River Yodo big flooding (Part 1)

植村, 善博

6pp.1 - 11 , 2016-03-01 , 佛教大学歴史学部
Damage and photograph of 1885 Osaka flood disaster ―Study on 1885River Yodo big flooding (Part 1)― 1885 River Yodo big flooding was caused one of the severest damage of Osaka by natural disaster. This paper is aimed at discussing damage and photograph of 1885 flood disaster. The results obtained are as the followings 1) This flooding happened at June (The first flood) and July (The second flood) twice in 1885 (Meiji 18). By bank collapse of left side at Ikaga-mura, torrent water flowed into and flooded all around eastern Osaka lowland in June.In early July, same point of the former was broken again and level of inun-dation was 0.5m higher than the first flood, and coastal lowland of western Osaka city was completely inundated by flooding of storm surge accompanied with typhoon. 2) The damage resulted in 81 fatalities, 1,749 houses destroyed, 72,509 houses inundated in Osaka Prefecture.Mandagun and Higasinarigun were the severest damaged by torrent water, and Nisiku,Kitaku and Nisinariku were the most serious damaged by storm surge. 3)Four kinds of photograph collections were examined for making data base and considering these meanings.As a result,thirty eight photographs were identified except same photos, and were classified by the titled card and its place.
1885 Osaka flood disaster
storm surge
photograph of flooding

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