Departmental Bulletin Paper Fazang’s Huayan jing Memoirs and Wutaishan Worship

伊藤, 真

100pp.29 - 53 , 2016-03-01 , 佛教大学仏教学部
This is a comparative study of two important texts on Wutaishan worship in Tang China.The paper analyzes relevant passages from Huixiang’s Gu qingliang zhuan and Fazang’s Huayan jing zhuanji and argues that the former preceded and influenced the latter. As Dr. Yoshizu Yoshihide has earlier argued, Fazang’s aim in writing his volume was to propagate faith in the Huayan Sutra while aligning himself with the ambitions of Empress Wu Zetian.The conclusion drawn from the comparative analysis suggests that Fazang’s politico-religious intentions may have limited his view in understanding the profound teaching of emptiness(sunyata)that can be seen in the Gu qingliang zhuan.
Huayan jing zhuanji
Gu qingliang zhuan
Empress Wu Zetian

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