Departmental Bulletin Paper The Doctrine of Wisdom in the Dharmakara Story of the Da amituo jing

肖, 越

22pp.15 - 30 , 2015-03-25 , 佛教大学総合研究所
This paper addresses the formation of the doctrine of wisdom in the Dharmākara story of the Dà āmítuójīng. This question is approached in the following ways. I commence with a brief treatment of the importance of the Píngděngjué jīng. Secondly, I compare the first paragraph of the Dharmākara story of the Dà āmítuó jīng with its counterparts in other versions. Thirdly, I consider, on the basis of three key-words, why the translator of the Dà āmítuó jīng created these 129 characters, which comprise several vows, but which do not exist in any other version. Finally, I discuss the paragraphs relating to the term 二十四願, by which may assist in determining the purpose of the translator who edited the Dà āmítuó jīng. Key-words: Wisdom; Cultivation of the Bodhisattva Path to Perfection; Contemplation Over Five Kalpas; the Dharmākara Story; the Dà āmítuó jīng

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