Departmental Bulletin Paper 「こんな僕の日本人見聞録」―ハーパーズ・ウィークリー紙1860年、5月26日号に掲載された、遣米使節団出迎え騒動記の翻訳と注釈―
Translating and Annotating Harper’s Weekly’s, Vernacular Notes on the Japanese Embassy of 1860 Arriving in Washington

斉藤, 悦子  ,  川谷, 旺未  ,  サイトウ, エツコ  ,  カワタニ, アキミ  ,  Etsuko, SAITO  ,  Akimi, KAWATANI

 On the Japanese Embassy’s arrival in Washington in 1860, various media in New York responded with cover stories and feature articles. In the May 26th issue of Harper’s Weekly, a vernacular parody, based on the “Major Jack Downing” letters created by Seba Smith in the 1830s, appeared as a nearly identical letter home written by Major Downing’s nephew Benjamin. It is a Forrest Gump-ish account of a young lad suddenly chosen as the master of ceremony to receive the Foreign Embassy. This vernacular letter displays much of how the general public felt on their first contact with the Japanese. Since the vernacular style is difficult to encode and the text is full of political connotations specific to the eve of Civil War, it may be worthwhile to annotate and translate it into Japanese as a source for research on the Japanese Embassy of the Manei era in the late Edo period.

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