Departmental Bulletin Paper 「近代(日本)語」をめぐって
Concerning Modern Japanese Language

今野, 真二  ,  コンノ, シンジ  ,  Shinji, KONNO

  Recalling the researches that have been done on modern Japanese language, attempts were made in this paper to raise two questions. The questions were in regard to the use of Kana and the associative relationship of words. Regarding the use of Kana, a hypothesis was made that the modern language period had a “multidisplay writing system,” which did not limit the writing variation of a word to one, but recognized various ways of writing; whereas the ancient language period did not have such a system. Regarding “associative relationship,” a hypothesis was made that the continuity/discontinuity of words can be considered by inspecting whether there is a common relation between the word entry and its explanation in a dictionary. Although both questions raised are hypothetical at the moment, it is hoped that these hypotheses will be examined from various aspects in the future.

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