Departmental Bulletin Paper 群馬・福島県境,尾瀬沼地域の珪藻

田中, 宏之  ,  川延, 京子  ,  三橋, 扶佐子  ,  南雲, 保

 Diatom investigations of the Lake Oze area, located on boundary of Gunma and Fukushima Prefectures, were carried out. Materials were collected from whole water, bottom mud and attached to water plants from Lake Oze as well as neighboring Konuma Pond, the pond banks of Numajiri Moor and the Oe River. The authors have identified a total of 177 taxa belonging to 56 genera, broken down into: centric diatoms (4 genera 9 taxa), araphid pennate diatoms (15 genera 28 taxa), monoraphid pennate diatoms (6 genera 14 taxa) and biraphid pennate diatoms (31 genera 126 taxa). They are generally reported from the marsh, the lake and the pond in highlands although the difference in the abundance of making up species depend on sampling places or sampling spots. Appearances of 10 % or more of the total are: whole water sample of Lake Oze, Aulacoseira ambigua and Fragilaria vaucheriae; bottom mud: Psamothidium grischunum f. daonensis; water plants: Achnanthidium minutissimum, Cocconeis placentula var. lineata and Achnanthidium pusillum; Konuma Pond: Frustulia rhomboides var. saxonica and F. rhomboides var. rhomboides; pond banks of Numajiri Moor: Semiorbis hemicyclus, Encyonema rostratum, Frustulia rhomboides var. rhomboides, F. frenguelli and Encyonopsis microcephala; and the Oe River: Eunotia curvata var. linearis.

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