Departmental Bulletin Paper 海産珪藻Odontella granulata (Roper) R. Rossの殻構造

数野, 渚  ,  鈴木, 秀和  ,  松岡, 孝典  ,  南雲, 保

The morphology and fine valve structure of the marine diatom Odontella granulata(Roper) R Ross have been investigated. The living cell attached to sand grains or detritus by mucilage extruded through the ocelli. Plastidus are discoid and numerous. The frustule is rectangular in girdle view, narrow elliptic to wide lanceolate in valve view. The two large ocelli present on the valve with clearly elevations pointed in opposite directions. The surface of valve is covered with fine spines and spinules. The areolae are round foramina internally, and loculate externally. The two rimoportulae are situated midway between or near to the two ocelli. The rimoportula is externally extended as large hollow spine with sharped or forked exit tube at the apex, and it is simple lip-like and slit in middle internally. The ocelli of valve surface densely are packed the hexagonal porelli. The cingulum consists of three to five girdle bands: a valvocopula and two to four copulae with the ligulae (the second to the fourth copulae).

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