Departmental Bulletin Paper FT-IRスペクトルを使った糖水溶液蒸発過程の解析による水和数
Hydration number from analysis of the evaporation process of aqueous sugar solutions by the FT-IR spectra

石井, 郁子  ,  傘, 孝之

The molar ratio (water/sugar) and the wavenumber shifts (the ether linkage) of the evaporation process of glucose, fructose, maltose, sucrose, trehalose and 1-kestose aqueous solutions were investigated by the time interval measurement of FT-IR ATR spectroscopy. A slope of a tangent of the graph of indicating the molar ratio change in the wavenumber shifts was calculated, and the hydration numbers of these sugar aqueous solutions were determined by comparison with the calculated slopes and the graph.

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