Departmental Bulletin Paper 地方大学の地域貢献と社会人教育 : 高知大学の人材育成プログラムを中心に
Regional Contribution of the Local University, and Recurrent Education : Focusing on Human Resources Development Program of Kochi University

松原, 茂仁

(10)  , pp.123 - 130 , 2017-03-31 , 関西国際大学教育総合研究所
本研究は,存続の危機に立つ地方大学の,持続可能な新たな価値創造に資する地域連携事業と運営のヒントを抽出することを目的とする。先進的な事例の一つである高知大学についてインタビュー調査を実施し,事業の経緯,実績,費用捻出等を基に,大学と地域との連携による持続可能な地方大学の新たな価値創造のヒントを検討した。その結果,1.地域の課題と要請を的確につかむ。2.学内だけでなく県内外の研究機関等の多様な人的資源を活用する。3.修了生のネットワーク構築と展開の場を提供する。4.継続的な事業費の獲得を戦略的におこなう。5.自治体等と効率的な連携のすり合わせをおこなう。以上5 項目を抽出したが,最も中心的な項目は「5.自治体等との効率的な連携のすり合わせ」で,地方大学の地域貢献では地元自治体等との意思疎通が最も重要なポイントになると考えた。
This research aims at extracting the hints to manage cooperative project for the regional universities to regions to contribute to sustainable new value creation more efficiently. An interview was conducted to Kochi University, which is one of the advanced universities, to investigate the circumstances of project, achievement, cost, and method for their procurement. Based on them, the hints for new sustainable value creation by cooperation of regional universities and regions were extracted.As a result, following five points were extracted. 1. Perceiving problems and requests of the region exactly. 2. Utilizing various human resources, such as research institutions inside and outside the prefecture not only in the university. 3. Building the network of graduate students, and offering opportunities to expand it. 4. Strategic and continuous acquisition of operating expenses. 5.Reconciling of ideas and opinions off each other to cooperate efficiently. The most important point is “5. Reconciling of ideas and opinions of each other to cooperate efficiently.” which means that for the regional university, the most important point is communication with stakeholders such as the local public body to contribute them.

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