Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別支援教育の知見をいかした学校経営(6)社会科の学習に特別支援の知見をいかす視点と手だて
A School Management based on the Findings of Special Needs Education(6)A Viewpoint and a Method to Overcome Knowledge of Special Support for Learning of Social Studies

百瀬, 和夫

(10)  , pp.73 - 81 , 2017-03-31 , 関西国際大学教育総合研究所
The goal of social studies in the education guideline at elementary level is to teach social life, to foster understanding and tenderness to our homeland and history, and to nourish basics of civil nature, which are required in the global society, as the formant of peaceful, democratic nation and community.The object about student’s understanding, behavior, and ability in the education guideline is presented consistently and gradually in accordance with the student’s formative stage. With respect to the ability of this object, the education guideline require the students at third, fourth and fifth level to make use of basic materials related to map, globe and chronology and so on.However, it is essential for teachers to educate basic talent, such as sensibility, attention, and emotional stability in proportion to student’s developmental stage.Then, the author examines the guidance and method making use of the findings of special needs education through the case learning at social studies.

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