Departmental Bulletin Paper 算数授業における発問・発話技術向上に資する指導法の確立 : 想定問答作成による模擬授業
Establishment of Teaching Methods that Contribute to the Questioning-Speech Technology Improvement in Math Class : Mock Lesson by Assuming Questions and Answers Created

上原, 昭三

(9)  , pp.97 - 110 , 2016-03 , 関西国際大学教育総合研究所
Flow in recent years of education reform, such as "problem-solving", "take advantage", "enhancement of language activities," "active learning", proactive discussion and to children, is proceeding in the direction of finding a class to encourage problem-solving activities. In order to perform such classes, or pull out the children of the idea, or adjust the discussion, it is necessary to advice of teachers or to focused, mass retirement of the "baby boomers" in schools Along with, rapid rejuvenation advances, Questioning of-speech technology tradition has become difficult to make it possible.Under such circumstances, learning certain techniques well theory and knowledge in the teacher training stage is considered to be sought. The author, based on the experience of teaching a student teacher in junior high school teachers era, Questioning-speech technology "assumed questions and answers" as teaching methods to improve the creation and subjects Education Act a mock class that is based on it (Elementary Mathematics Education Act) They are incorporated into the lessons. This paper is its practice report.

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