Departmental Bulletin Paper 学習経験と意識・行動の変化に関する調査
Research on Mental and Behavioral Change along with Learning Experience

藤木, 清  ,  田中, 亜裕子  ,  吉田, 武大  ,  伊藤, 創

(9)  , pp.25 - 38 , 2016-03 , 関西国際大学教育総合研究所
There are some students who grow much more than other students although both are supposed to have same learning experiences in the university. We extracted those highly growing students in Kansai University of International Studies, and on whom we conducted focus group interviews. The interview result indicates the following three experiences should be the keys to their successful progresses in the university, namely, 1) they are exposed to strict circumstances, 2) they get support and stimuli from friends and faculties surrounding them, 3) they can figure out the meaning of their learning by finding the connection between their learning and real society.

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