Departmental Bulletin Paper アグリビジネスにおける環境価値と戦略的アライアンス : VRIOのフレームワークによる分析を中心に
The environmental value and strategic alliance in agribusiness activities : Focusing on analysis using the VRIO framework

松原, 茂仁

(17)  , pp.143 - 155 , 2016-03-31 , 関西国際大学
This paper aims to examine the activities of long-established brewing firm which is working on a strategic alliance with rural community and to clarify that environmental value is always considered as an important factor to sustain this strategic alliance. In this examination, the alliance of long-established brewing firm with rural community is focused and the relationship between environmental value and management strategy of the longestablished brewing firm is analysed using the VRIO framework, which is worthwhile to an attempt to extract the key indication for the environmental management of food manufacturing company.

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