Departmental Bulletin Paper 入学前来日集中日本語講座の効果 : 日本語能力試験N3以上N2未達の日本語学習者を対象に
Effects of a pre-admission intensive Japanese language training : To Chinese students with between N2 and N3 level of Japanese proficiency

飯島, 有美子

(17)  , pp.1 - 10 , 2016-03-31 , 関西国際大学
This paper discusses the effects of an intensive Japanese language training provided to Chinese students prior to their admission to a Japanese university. One-month intensive course was provided to the Chinese students who were entering in the third year of a Japanese university and whose Japanese proficiency level was between N2 and N3 of the Japanese Proficiency Test. Past official second grade level of Japanese proficiency tests were used as the pre- and post- tests to measure the students’ improvements. The results show 1) the one-month intensive course was not effective to raise students scores in the ‘vocabulary’section, 2) in the ‘listening section,’ the students fell into two groups; one with great improvement and the other with no improvement, 3) in the ‘Reading and grammar’ section,one group showed much improvement while the other made a little improvement, 4) those who scored only 178 on the pre-test could reach the criteria to pass N2 level (240 points) at the end of the intensive training, 5) most students reported that they felt some improvements in their Japanese language skills regardless of their actual test scores. These results indicate that this kind of pre-admission intensive language training can be more effective if it put more emphasis on listening, reading and grammar rather than vocabulary.

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