Departmental Bulletin Paper 児童養護施設における性加害問題の治療導入前段階としてのグループワークの試み
An attempt of group work as a preliminary step toward solving the problems of sexual assault at children's home

高岸, 幸弘

(17)  , pp.89 - 99 , 2016-03-31 , 関西国際大学
Therapeutic intervention is required for several problems occurred in children’s facilities.One example among many is sexual victimization and sexual assault between children within the same facilities. Sexual assault problems are needed to be treated by staff working at the institutes. While children’s facilities provide residents with necessary basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing, they are also expected to provide with treatment for those children with problematic sexual behaviors. However, before the implementation of any treatment program, children need to be motivated enough to start a program without worrying about the risk of retaliation or confidentiality of their personal information after they have disclosed their past conduct. In this study for the purpose of increasing group cohesiveness and motivation for treatment program, children were selected to participate in a series of group works from home units where children with a history of sexual assaults reside. Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) showed improvement in “aggressive behavior,”“delinquent behavior,” and “sociality problem” respectively. As better relationships developed between children, positive interactions were observed during the group works,which indicates heightened motivation.
児童養護施設は子どもの示す種々の問題行動に治療的に介入することが求められている。施設内での問題の一つに子ども間の性的加害・被害の問題がある。児童養護施設は生活の場であるが,治療的機能が求められているのも事実であり,これらの問題には治療的なかかわりが必要とされる。しかし性加害治療プログラムの導入は治療の動機づけや,生活を守る環境も必要である。そこで本研究では,児童養護施設で性的加害問題を抱える児童の治療導入の前段階として,性加害を行った児童だけを集めたホームユニットの中で,集団凝集性の向上と治療の動機づけをねらいとした一連のグループワークを実施した。Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) を用いて活動の評価を行ったところ,「攻撃的行動」「非行的行動」「社会性の問題」の項目において,全般的に改善が認められた。また,児童間の関係性が向上し治療を受ける集団としての動機づけが高まったと思われる言動が多くみられた

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