Departmental Bulletin Paper 医療処置時における小児患者の心理的準備 : 混合病棟に勤務する看護師のプレパレーションの認識と実施状況
Psychological preparation for child health nursing among nurses on mixed child and adult hospital wards

宮内, 環  ,  寺井, 孝弘

(16)  , pp.183 - 189 , 2015-03-31 , 関西国際大学
Purpose: Japan is facing a severely decreasing birthrate. As a result, many pediatric wards are closing or have reduced capacity; therefore, the number of mixed wards hospitalizing both adults and children is increasing. This study aims to clarity current issues regarding the psychological preparation for child health nursing among nurses on child and adult hospital wards in Japan.Methods: A total of 500 nursing staff members from general hospitals in the Kinki and Hokuriku regions with pediatric departments and ≥500 beds were sent a self-report questionnaire. The questionnaire identified factors contributing to nurses’ recognition and methods of preparation for pediatric patients according to their personal attributes and child health nursing experience. The study was conducted from January to March 2012, and responses were received from 233 nurses (164 from pediatric wards and 69 from mixed child and adult wards). Only the responses of the 69 nurses from mixed wards were included in the final analysis.Results: The nurses’ mean age was 33.29 ∓ 9.25 years and their mean number of years of child health nursing experience was 4.54 ∓ 4.76 years. About 60 percent of the nurses recognized "lumbar puncture/bone marrow aspiration" and " kidney biopsy/intracardiac catheterization" to be“difficult procedures for practice psychological preparation”. It is because these require the special practice about "child health nursing" as this reason. Conclusions: These findings indicate the need to consider methods that allow nurses who work in mixed wards to practice psychological preparation.

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