Departmental Bulletin Paper ICTを活用した反転授業の試行について
The Attempt at Flipped Classroom of Utilizing Information-technology

山下, 泰生  ,  陳, 那森

(16)  , pp.133 - 143 , 2015-03-31 , 関西国際大学
In recent years, some practical cases of “Flipped Classroom” on school education have been reported. “Flipped Classroom” means a mode of the lesson that the contents is first flipped to students as a homework of utilizing ICT, then the face-to-face teaching will be given for students to develop learning. In this paper, the issues in the conduct of “Flipped Classroom” have been overhauled and reported based on the trial results of specific lesson. Two types were adopted while completing the specific lesson contents of “Flipped Classroom”. One was document type, the other was video type. Especially the analysis of an access log were intended for the log data of video contents through LMS. Moreover, the student questionnaire result has been reported. According to the results in this paper, the mean purpose will aim at gathering more requirements and problems to further develop “Flipped Classroom” effectively.

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